Mika spent a few years managing a team of photographers and make-up artists in a few professional studios about the Los Angeles area.  It is rare to find a make-up artist that has actually spent time making a living behind the camera, but her experience in that field has proven invaluable time and time again.

      Mika has been in the beauty business for many years.  Aside from photography, she has worked in salons, on movie sets and high fashion shoots and events.  This is a young lady who has seemingly done it all and is anxiously awaiting the next challenge.

       Many people may have chosen make-up for their job or hair styling as their career, but for Mika, beauty is a passion, rivaled only by her commitment to excellence.  Your beauty couldn’t find its way into more capable hands. 



 About the Team

Our team consists of trained professionals who have styled hair for films, painted faces for photo shoots and given brides a beauty befitting the most memorable day of their lives.  We’ve worked on fashion shows, formal events and everything in between.  We believe that you should get exactly what it is you are looking for and with years of experience meeting and exceeding expectations, we are sure we can give you what you are looking for better than anyone else.  Treat yourself, choose a true artist.

Company history

A fresh and talented group of artists have come together to provide our clients with quality beauty services. We have been trained to acheive any look you desire. At Drawn Beauty, beauty is our passion.